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Attention! ReminderFox will not work with Firefox 57. To find out about options for continued use of ReminderFox, read this note from the developers.

Getting Started – How-To Videos



Get a general overview of ReminderFox. Take a tour of the Reminder List view and all about adding reminders.

Overview Pt II

Learn about filtering reminders, and all about ToDo’s

Alerts, Alarms, Views

Learn about how ReminderFox alerts you via alert sliders and alarms. See how you can add new list columns, and learn how you can add and use Views to see just the reminders you want.

Quick alarms, sorting lists

Learn about how you can sort your lists of reminders. Also see how quick alarms can be used for quick reminders, and see how tabbed alarms are used.

Toolbar buttons, view as HTML, export/email reminders

Learn how you can add toolbar buttons to make ReminderFox even more accessible. See how you can view or print entire lists or subsets of reminders. Also learn how you can export reminders, or send selected reminders via email.

Subscriptions and calendars

Learn how you can subscribe to other online calendars, and how you can import calendars.

ReminderFox options

Take a tour of the many ReminderFox options, and see how they affect things.

Lists and adding reminders from web pages

Learn about adding additional ReminderFox lists. See how you can add reminders from web pages.

Tips from Tom

Lead ReminderFox developer Tom Mutdosch walks you through some of his favorite ReminderFox tips.

Subscribe to your favorite NFL team calendar

Using Holiday lists