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FAQs – Questions

How can I have reminders automatically calculate and display years, such as “Billy’s 11th birthday”?

You can have reminders show a year count like “Billy’s 11th birthday” by entering in a reminder with the year in the text like “Billy’s <1994> birthday”.

How do I print my reminders or ToDo’s?

From the list of reminders or ToDo’s, right-click and select View as HTML from the context menu. You can then print the resulting HTML page directly from your browser.

Can I have different repeat rates for my reminders (such as every 3 weeks, every 5 days)?

Currently, you can only select from the repeat options that are provided. We have selected the most common repeating options for the sake of simplicity. We do intend to add more custom repeat options in the future. For now, if you wanted a quarterly reminder, you could create 4 yearly reminders spaced three months apart.

How do I enter finer increments in my times and alarms (such as 10:23 AM)?

Simply type in the time directly in the Time text field (like: 9:37) or into the Alarm text box: (like: “17” minutes). The times that are in the drop-down box are simply there for convenience.

Can I complete or delete individual instances of a repeating reminder?

Yes, you can mark particular instances of a reminder as Complete. Simply highlight the instance you want and mark it complete. It will actually mark that instance and all previous instances prior to that date as Complete. Future instances will not be affected. Similarly, you can delete an instance of a reminder. When you delete a repeating reminder, you will be prompted to delete all instances or just the selected (and all previous) instance of the reminder.

Can I add the Day of the Week to the date displayed in the tooltip?

Yes, you can add the day of the week and many other customizations. Go to ReminderFox options and click on the Tooltip tab. There you can customize the tooltip labels for Today’s and Upcoming Reminders. Click on the Customize button for a list of available variables that will show the information in your tooltip. For instance, this label:

[shortDay] [shortMonth] [date]: [reminderDesc] ([time])
will result in:

Tue Jun 21: Meeting with Johnson (2:30pm)

You can also see the number of days left until the reminder occurs by using the [daysUntil] variable. For example:

[shortDay] [shortMonth] [date]: [reminderDesc] ([time]) -- in [daysUntil] days

will result in:

Thu Jun 23: Timmy's Birthday -- in 4 days

Can I get notified of overdue reminders?

Yes, if you have the reminder option set to Remind Daily Until Completed. When a reminder is overdue (past the original date set on the reminder), you will see a red ribbon icon in the tooltip, alert slider, and in the Remind Daily Until Completed column in your reminder list.

How do I search for a specific reminder or ToDo?

You can search for reminders in the Edit Reminders dialog by pressing [CTRL]-F and entering the text you want to search for. You can also press [CTRL]-G to search for the next instance of a reminder containing your search text.

How do I re-order my list of ToDo items?

You can re-order your ToDo items to your liking; this is useful if you like to keep your list sorted by order of precedence. Select a ToDo in the list, and right-click to bring up the context menu. You can select Move ToDo Up or Move ToDo Down to move it up or down in the list.

You can also select a ToDo item and use the keyboard shortcut [ALT] + UP or DOWN arrow to quickly sort your ToDo’s.

Can I temporarily disable alerts and alarms?

Yes. You can suspend the alert sliders and alarm popups via a context menu item off of the status bar icon. This is useful if for example you are sharing your screen for a presentation/demo for your boss and you don’t want your “Buy more hemorrhoid cream!” reminder to happen to pop up.

With pointing the cursor on the required menu bar use the context menu (right mouse click) and find [Customize]. It will open the dialog “Customize Menu Bar” holding the menu icon available for the bar. Drag&Drop the menu icon you need to the right place on the menu bar.

I have a comment. I have a feature request. I found a bug. What do I do?

The best way to get in contact with us is to send a note to the ReminderFox Mailing List. You can also open a bug report or feature request here.

What is that icon all about?

It’s a fox paw (a Firefox paw, to be precise) with a ribbon tied around it. It was a common practice for the truly forgetful to tie a ribbon around their finger in order to remember that they had to do something. Thus the ribbon tied around the fox paw.

ReminderFox paw

I hate that stupid fox-paw-with-ribbon-icon!! Can I remove it or change it?

First, make sure you understand what the icon actually represents. It’s a real thing. Read the previous answer for details. If the icon is truly causing you real pain, it is possible
to open up the reminderfox.jar file (which you can find in your firefox/thunderbird profile directory) and replace the image; you can open reminderfox.jar using a winzip-style program. You’ll find a variety of icons and images in there; you can replace any image of your choosing with another (such as a blank image), as long as you keep the same name.

Is there a Change Log where I can see the new features in the latest version of ReminderFox?

Yes, there is a Change Log kept on the site. You can see it here.