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If you have a question, first check the documentation pages. There you will find a user guide, videos, and a frequently asked questions page that may provide the answer that you are looking for.

Reminderfox Forum

If our documentation doesn’t solve your problem, the Reminderfox Forum is an additional resource. Users post their questions there and get answers and recommendations also from other users. Probably you find an answer already there. Basically, it’s the best place to ask questions, report problems, or leave comments.

Please make sure to check for similar points you have before post or mail to the Forum.

You can also send help request using your favorite mail system. This will include some details about your installation which helps to understand your situation.

Please note that this is a public mailing list; other list members may reply with help, and your message (including your e-mail address) will be archived in the mailing list archives.